Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So long steroids, hello naps!

It has now been 48 hours since my last dose of Prednisone.  So technically, I'm in the valley of the lows for my immune system.  I will bottom out and then slowly begin to improve until time for my next round of Chemo.  Gary and the kids will probably enjoy this period.  Okay, I admit it. I've been a little like the energizer bunny around the house.  It is  probably part cancer nesting and part what if I don't feel up to it tomorrow.  I noticed the low coming yesterday.  I would compare it to feeling like you are coming down with the flu.  Solution - Netflix, the recliner and China Fare for dinner.

I am happy to report that my mouth sores are still quite manageable.  The nurse offered to call in a script for magic mouth wash but I really want to avoid it if possible.  I'm already ingesting huge quantities of drugs and toxins and would prefer to keep side effect management as close to natural as possible.  Right now it is working.  I am hydrating, eating nutrient rich foods, exercising and gargling with the salt water. I feel blah and nauseous in the morning but it passes quickly after I take the dog for his walk.  I think it is the fresh air and exercise.  It also gives me the peace and quiet to work on my ninja destroying visualization.  There is nothing a zombie likes more than a long walk.  Did you ever notice in Zombie movies that they are always on the go?  Never a down moment, they just keep coming - just one more advantage Zombies have over Ninjas.

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  1. Comment about Thusday's blog:
    How Beautiful. I am so thankful your family could make these trips. Your prayer for your family is one all mothers want to make. I am fortunate to have a beautiful and bright daugher that can take care of her family and herself. God be with you, Pumpkin.