Sunday, September 26, 2010

Homecoming 2010

A little scrapbook creation that I made last night around 1:30 am.  Special thanks to Aunt Jane for the gift of a smilebox membership.  Another example of life as normal while being a cancer fighter.  Although I will admit that yesterday while sitting at Amedae Salon, I teared up looking at my beautiful daughter with her hair all done.  I deserve to see her on all of her big occasions: homecomings, proms, and on her wedding day.  I will not let cancer take that from me.  It made me fighting mad.  My zombies heard the rally cry and are continuing their destruction of the nasty ninja cancer cells. 

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  1. AMEN DANELL!! From your mouth to GOD'S ears! He will heal you and you WILL be there for Shelby and Zach special occasions! We all claim this in JESUS name. And all GODS people say AMEN!!

  2. That's a great album!! Love the bald photo. That white peach fuzz makes you look like a fairy wood nymph or cupid or something. How you holding up? How's the eyelashes and eyebrows?? If you want a huge boost for eyelashes, you could try Loreal Volume Shocking Mascara. It's a two step process and it works! My hair stylist told me about it. (Maybe you already learned about it in your class.)

  3. This is awesome..very much like digital scrapbooking(hint, hint)! Your fighting spirit is amazing and will keep you going when the going gets tough. I know your zombies feel it and are fighting for you harder than ever! Much continued love and prayers to you!!

  4. Danell,
    You will be thankful for this push to put in place your memories-- it's so easily a job that can be put off. i still haven't got round to putting milly's baby pictures in an album! so when you have time, perhaps you can come down and sort my pictures.
    Shelby looks so pretty..she takes after her Mom. You must be very proud.

  5. Beautiful pictures-hard to believe Zach is taller than Shelby now-they are both terrific looking kids. Love the dandylion fluff hair-makes you look so perky!