Sunday, September 19, 2010

Post Round 2 Update

The doctor is right, there is a cumulative effect to the chemo rounds.  The morning after was especially hard. I told Gary I am not sure if on the next rounds if I should drive myself in for the post chemo shot.  I was very weak that morning.  Poor Zachary ended up with instant quaker oatmeal for breakfast.  I spent most of the morning on the couch listening to the Top Chef finale.

The Neulasta shot, the steroids and a nice afternoon of napping/relaxing made a big difference.  I felt well enough to go to the home football game that evening.  It was a beautiful night for football and I was able to get some good pictures of Shelby during the half time show.  Unfortunately, I used her camera and don't have the ability to load those on my computer right now.  As a band parent, I left after the half time show and was home in bed by 9pm.

Nausea was bad Saturday morning but thankfully, I have a big hunky husband who took over the kitchen duties for me and I was able to enjoy a good breakfast without any prep work.  Zach and I headed out for a tennis tournament in the rain.  We knew that it was going to be a car day.  I brought magazines, a book and my lap top.  The tournament was cancelled by the time I read one magazine and barely got the season finale of True Blood started.  Zach and I decided on the way home from tennis that it was like getting a free day in school.  What a great way to spend a Saturday.  We enjoyed lunch and Survivor on the DVR.  Then, I headed upstairs for preBingo relaxation.  It consisted of the season finale of True Blood, 1 meditation session with Belleruth Naparstek "A Meditation to help you fight cancer" (I ordered it from and an one hour nap.  I awoke feeling really good, at least good enough to work bingo for the Brandon All Sports Boosters.  As a stay at home mom, my volunteer duties are important because it is one of the few ways I get to interact with other adults on a consistent basis.  Plus, I like my team and most of the patrons.   The bonus from Bingo, I came home tired and slept straight through the night, that is no small fete when you are taking 100mg of steroids each day.

Sunday morning and I am feeling really good - not pre-cancer good but good nevertheless.  Tonight I will work poker for the sports boosters so I plan another afternoon of relaxation.  Plus, I may take the wig out for a test run.  I'm guessing pair that wig with my skinny jeans (an added bonus of chemo) and maybe we will get a few more tips.

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