Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Healing Power of a Good Cry

I had a really big powerful cry the other night.

How it started was not pretty, just a simple comment by my wonderful husband that I took as a personal attack on my parenting skills. Mind you, I was exhausted. Our fall schedule is busy enough to make a non-cancer patient a little tired. Plus, this week I have been experiencing a nice steady stream of pain.  Nothing too extreme but a constant dull ache in my kidneys.  On a good day, I can remain positive and envision the zombies destroying cancer cells and that the pain is a result of that battle.  On a day when I'm exhausted and worn down from the pain, I just know that it is a sign that the chemo isn't working and the cancer is spreading.  To make matters worse on that night, my daughter was also emotional. Her schedule is insane right now. She leaves home around 7am and most nights does not return until 9pm or later.  We both were needing a good cry.

A day later and we both felt great. I know it was due to the healing power of a good cry.

So I was thinking maybe we should schedule time for a good cry each week. Best way to do that…sad movies right? So mom and I tried to come up with a list of movies that are guaranteed to give you a good cry.

Big Problem…how do you find one that isn’t all about cancer or a mom dying?

Terms of Endearment - No  
Beaches - No
A Walk to Remember - No
Steel Magnolias - No
Bambi - No

Help! Any suggestions for a good cry fest movie that doesn’t involve a parent dying or the big C….

Right now my list includes:
The Notebook
An Affair to Remember
The Way We Were

If you are going to have a cry fest, might as well have some eye candy too. 


  1. ((((hugs)))) Just watch the news! That makes me cry!

  2. Sharon...toooooooo depressing. Then you are crying for real, not "drama" crying. :)

    When a Man Loves a Woman- eye candy=Andy Garcia. Great kiss at the end....

    Big Fish- can't remember if I cry, but it's a great movie and Albert Finney is da bomb.

    Good Will Hunting- nothing about cancer, great therapist, awesome music and lots of swearing. I always cry. "It's not your fault." "I know." "It's not your fault". "I know." Oh my...

  3. ole yeller!!!! where a red fern grows!!!!

  4. Fireproof (happy tears!)

    Toy Story 3

    Step Up (I don't remember if I cried, but Channing Tatum is H O T!

    ANY home movie or your own you can find!!!