Friday, September 17, 2010

Chemo Round 2: The Gleeked out one

Sitting by me so we can watch GLEE!
It may be hard to believe but I was actually looking forward to Round 2 of R-CHOP.  My BFF, Lisa, was making the drive over from the Grand Rapids area to be my chemo buddy for the day.  I know it was slightly selfish of me.  We haven't had a good visit since Spring Break even though we talk weekly and she was the only person other than Gary who knew what was going on medically pre-diagnosis.  God thought it was an excellent choice, as well, because my 2nd round conveniently landed on Lisa's husband's birthday and he currently lives in Flint during the work week.  Bonus, a birthday dinner for the happy couple of 20 years. 

I think Lisa was looking forward to the visit as well.  She beat Gary and I to the cancer center.  Although in our defense Duffy was a difficult dog in the morning.  He doesn't do rain and getting him to poop was an ordeal.  Ah, the joys of having a furry member of the family in your life.  Gary stayed long enough for the nurses to get me hooked up and preMeds started. 

Just like last time all the set up and preMeds took until about 11am.  This treatment because I had handled the Rituxan well I did not have to be on a pump.  It made my 99 trips to the bathroom much easier.  After the Rituxan was started we decided to watch the last two episodes from season 1 of GLEE, less than a week until the new season and all.  GLEE, lunch, a chemo drip and your BFF - Life is Good!

Tired after Round 2
Rituxan was faster by about 2 hours so it was finished up around 3pm.  My reaction to the medicine seemed better this time.  Headache not so bad and no low back pain.  The nurse pushed the Oncovin and the Adriamycin and then started me on the Cytoxan drip.  All in all I finished up right around 4 pm.

It sounds like my next rounds will all be between 6 and 7 hours.  Better than that first 9 hour day but still a long day in the chemo chair.  Judy the nurse who encouraged me to run in the Crim gave me a nice warm hat to sleep in and to generally keep my balding head warm.  Lisa and I packed up all our entertainment.  Chemo makes you feel like a toddler with ADHD.  I pack a lot of stuff just in case I get bored.  I am actually starting to wish the Benadryl did knock me out for a little nap.  Because it was getting close to 4:30pm, we decided to just meet Gary on his way home from work and headed that way.  We decided to camp out at Panera. It gave us a chance to talk a little more and for me to pick the kids up some of their favorite bagels.  It was a long day but a good one.

Going our separate ways and my new hat.
We were home in plenty of time to attend the Varsity Blackhawk Volleyball game and God must have known I needed some rest because the team lost in 3.  As you can tell from the time stamp, the Prednisone has made rest a little difficult.  Right now the side effects seem a little different from last time.  More nausea but headache isn't as bad.  No diarrhea but stiff and sore finger joints (a good excuse for editing errors).  No energy with the Prednisone just not able to sleep and new this time very dry eyes.  Hopefully, my shot of Neulasta will help with some of the energy.  Plus, Duffy is headed to kennel for the weekend due to hectic life schedule and his desperate need for a grooming.  I plan to sleep, nap, relax.  Oh yeah, and blog or Facebook any changes.


  1. God is great! He has blessed you with friends who love you, relatives to pray for your quick healing, a husband who adores you, and children who need you.
    Your pink hat looks cozy and warm. almost a red head

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  3. You were not being selfish at all, I was happy to come over for a visit!! I'm praying that you got lots of rest today and that you are feeling better. (P.S. I didn't sleep well last night either I think I drank that coffee too late. As I was laying there I thought of getting up and checking to see if you were online, but I was too lazy.)

  4. You are truely amazing. Your friend is right about how much you have accomplished since your diagnosis. I plan to share your blogspot with a friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer as an inspiration to her. Also, I am so excited I just got my stay at home rock star t-shirt in the mail. Kepping you in my prayers!