Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Having a Little Fun with Cancer

Just a short little note and update from our labor day weekend.  Here in Michigan, it did not feel like the end of summer break.  It felt more like fall break.  Perfect weather for the man of the house to do yardwork and the little lady to make a big batch of tomato sauce with tomatoes my neighbors have been giving to me.  We also celebrated the 3 year mark in the house and hung pictures in the two basement guestrooms and our formal dining room.  Most of the ground floor is still not decorated but when you move as much as we have in our 19 years of marriage it takes awhile before you think it is worth the effort.

Sunday was actually warm and nice.  I did a 10 mile training run in 2:04 and am considering going ahead and participating in the Brooksie Way Half Marathon that I'm registered for in October.  The guys really wanted to go to the Bucaneer Beer Feast at the Michigan Renaissance Festival but were disuaded by the crowd.  Instead, they played tennis where Zach was schooled by his dad and Gary was exhausted from the effort.

Monday, the weather was chilly and overcast.  Zach and I headed to Rite Aid to get our flu vaccinations.  While at the Rite Aid, I decided to have some fun with my hair while I still have it.  I bought a box of Loreal SuperBlonde.  The great thing about knowing that your hair has maybe a week or two left is you don't even have to follow the directions.  PreTest? Who cares!  I'm loving it.  I think it is a cross between Billy Idol and Draco Malfoy.

Now it is back to school and a very full week.  Gary's parents are visiting and we will be watching 3 tennis matches, 1 volleyball game, 1 home football game and an all day volleyball tournament. All of it hopefully finishing up in time for the U of M vs. Notre Dame football game.  A perfect reward for a long week.


  1. Damn, Danell, Your hair looks great! Have you considered keeping it this color? A.Jane

  2. I think you look good as a platinum blonde. Great news on the shrunk thyroid mass; I like the thought of it shrivelling with lack of defence.

  3. Danell you look smokin Hot for a chick with cancer. I was sad to hear that you have to ednure this valley but it sounds like you have the will to fight. I look forward to getting reconnected and will keep you and your family in my prayers.


    Jamie (Lay) Hellmich

    P.S. where can I get a shirt like that?

  4. Thanks Jamie - with 4 kids your shirt might need to be a wonder woman shirt ;-) Mine came from my baby brother and his family. Nice to hear from you and thanks for the prayers, I feel them all. Danell