Monday, September 13, 2010

A little more fun with cancer...or how to enjoy a head shave!

I know some people with cancer hang on to their hair as long as possible.  I could tell days ago that I would not be that kind of person.  I hate hair around the house.  I'm always complaining and swiffering and that was just with normal loss of hair.  It really is difficult to explain in words the hair loss.  I ended up yesterday showing everyone in my family and my good friend Lesley because it really is easier to understand when you see it in person. The closest example I can come up with is a Kleenex box.  Picture yourself pulling tissues out one right after another.  That is how easily my hair was coming out.  Touch a few hairs and there they went.  No pain, no tug just a nice little clump of hair.  Actually, the amount would have made a nice little moustache if I wanted to glue it on my upper lip.

Shelby and Zach seemed the most upset about the loss of hair.  I think it was probably harder for them to comprehend because I have been feeling so good.  I can definitely tell that the week before the next round will be a strong week for me.  Even showing them how easily my hair was coming out didn't seem to help.  Zach said, "Just don't touch your head."  I offered them each the chance to help with the head shaving but neither wanted to take part or even help with the photographing.  That explains the quality of the shaving photo.

Gary and I had a lot of fun with the head shaving.  I knew he was the right man for the job because I'm married to a perfectionist.  Sometimes it can get on my nerves but when it comes to your head and clippers you want quality.  So first we did a little punk rock mohawk.

Shelby thought the mohawk was high fashion/editorial so that explains the dress.  I tend to agree with her. There is something about a girl with an edgy hairstyle wearing a girly outfit.  The lump is my mediport.  Which I still think is the coolest thing ever invented.  I will miss it when it is gone and hope they leave it as long as possible. 
Finally, we decided on the #2 head shave.  Thank goodness, I have nicely shaped ears and an adorable head.  This could have all turned out a lot worse.  Instead, I'm loving the shaved head look and will probably even like the all over bald look too.  As my darling cousin reminded me this weekend..."Who loves you baby?"  I love you all.  Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.

My biker chick #2 shave: Spring Awakening shirt goes perfectly with it!


  1. I'll say it look great with super short hair!!

  2. Your positive attitude is fabulous!!!! You do look GREAT with short hair! I'm not just saying that!!!! You really do. I'm a fan of short hair too :) Gary is awesome. Maybe he should open a barber shop when he retires!!
    God's Blessings to you and your family.

  3. You really do have cute ears! Without hair, your eyes look even more beautiful. And bigger! You look younger! Must be that super, positive attitude.

  4. I think you just gained 10 minutes on a 10 mile run. :) It's all good.

  5. You look marvelous my friend! You really are a stay at home rock star. I can't stop thinking about that shirt... have to find one. Anyway, I love to read what you write. You are my newest hero as I am sure you are to many. Keep up the good fight!


  6. Gary,
    Should I cancel my appointment with Cheyenne before I come to visit? I'd like some low-lights and then a short sassy cut. Danell looks cute with her mohawk and short look but don't think I can pull that off although I have very small ears.
    You two are a wonderful pair. So happy you found one another.