Sunday, October 10, 2010

Round 3 update

Sorry this is going to be short but quite frankly round 3 is kicking my ass.

I'm pretty sure I had more energy after running my first full marathon than I have today 3 days post chemo.

Luckily, right now the side effects are confined to a little sore mouth (which the Ann Arbor mouthwash is helping with), nausea (which is good because eventually I will learn how to spell that stupid word) and extreme fatigue (napping is good).

Positive news:  Zach and I had ice cream and a nice drive in the country today.  The trees in Michigan are looking amazing. Gary has the next two days off so I will have plenty of help at home.

That's all she wrote because nap #3 of the day is calling my name.


  1. Half way done! Hang in there! Nausea is spelled just fine. ;)

  2. Thanks for the update. It is very helpful to catch up with what is going on during the move to Ohio. Mom made it just fine and is enjoying Maddie and Sophia. We will keep reading and sending our thoughts your way. Monday we start unpacking 105 boxes. :) Love you all.
    Little brother Doug.