Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life as normal is a good good thing.

Sorry I haven't posted in a week.  Believe me when I say that can be a good thing.  This time it was a sign that life this week was busy and back to normal for the most part.

Gary had Monday and Tuesday off because of his birthday.  He believes and I totally agree that when you have vacation days left you really should never work on your birthday.  This year was much different than last year's Las Vegas birthday trip.  Monday involved going out for lunch at Max and Erma's and then hitting Costco to purchase food for the Varsity volleyball team dinner.  I know Crazy Cancer Mom hosting 12 girls and their coach at my house 4 days after Round 3 of Chemo.  Honestly, I knew Gary was going to be home and I had no intention of doing anything more than buying lasagna, salad and garlic toast at Costco.  One of my favorite lessons from cancer has been there's nothing wrong with taking the easy way.

Tuesday was Gary's birthday and I treated him to lunch out at Harvey's right here in Ortonville.  We joked that it was a far cry from dinner at the Strip House and tickets to Peep Show that we had a year ago.  Harvey's does offer a great breakfast menu and breakfast foods continue to be one of the things I can tolerate quite well.  The rest of the day involved baking goods for a bake sale for the varsity tennis team and heading out for the last home volleyball game.

Wednesday was as usual a very low energy day for me.  Even though I did not get the steroid high this time, I did feel the withdrawal.  I treated myself to a day on the couch watching all of my recorded shows on the DVR.  You know your week has been busy when you are just watching Desperate Housewives on Wednesday.

Thursday it was all about varsity tennis.  I was so proud of our tennis team for qualifying for states two years in row.  I had volunteered to be one of the parents staying with the team in Grand Rapids the night before the event.  These are a great group of boys.  Thursday afternoon we all headed to Grand Rapids for an early start to the MHSAA championships the next day.

Friday morning bright and early we had the boys to the damp chilly tennis courts.  By 10 in the morning, play still had not begun and I made the executive decision that Zach and I would be staying another night in Grand Rapids.  I was tired and knew that as the day progressed it would only get worse.  Despite the chill, it was enjoyable watching our boys compete.  This definitely was another level of tennis play but our boys gave it their all.  We were even able to celebrate one win for our #1 singles player, a great accomplishment.

2010 was a great season!
Zach and I enjoyed spending the evening with another family that decided to remain in Grand Rapids. We did dinner and movie seeing "The Social Network."  A very interesting movie about the creation of Facebook.

Driving back Saturday morning was not bad at all, despite MSU and U of M both having home football games.  Interstate 96 seemed to be a mix of both State and UofM fans.  When we reached I-69, the spartan flags were everywhere.  So glad they had great weather for a homecoming win.

When we reached home, I started the laundry right away because we had fun plans for the evening.  Our friends had invited us to attend a Thor Ramsey comedy show.  Their church was bringing him to town.  Zach and I were especially looking forward to it because we are fans of the "Thou Shalt Laugh" DVDs.  Check them out on Netflix, great clean comedians.  Thor Ramsey did not disappoint.  You know it is a good comedy show when you are digging for Kleenex because of laughter tears.

So now you have the Lymphomanic week in review recap.  Today will be a lazy day for the most part.  We may do a little yard work since the front lawn is a sea of pine needles.  I am looking forward to a week of feeling good and more life as normal.


  1. Glad to hear you are getting back to normal after round #3. Keep hanging in there! By the way.... My husband Trevor works for Merrell and makes routine trips to Grand Rapids. Just wondering how far you are from there?

  2. Jamie - we are on the other side of the state. I took us about 2:15.

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling a little bit better. Tell Gary happy belated birthday! Love!

  4. You have such a full life! I so enjoyed your blog this week. It was filled with your go-get'um spirit. You are like Tigger-- bouncy, bouncy, bouncy..