Friday, October 8, 2010

Recap of Round 3

Since I wasn't blogging live from my chemo chair, you can probably tell that Round 3 was different from past rounds.  First, I was nauseous right off the bat.  Murphy's law: I had not packed any saltines so I was happy that I had a nice thermos of ginger tea and baked lays chips.  It seemed to help a little but definitely wasn't feeling good this time.

I feel sorry that my good friend, Lesly was with me and I have no pictures to commemorate the day.  The camera was in my bag but trying to think happy not gaggy thoughts took all of my energy during this treatment. 

Things went  much faster this time.  Premeds took the normal amount of time but Rituxan and Cytoxan seemed to go much faster.  Lesly left for a trip home to let Sydney (Duffy's girlfriend) out and Gary came for the afternoon shift.  The good news was I was almost finished by the time he arrived at the cancer center.  From start to finish it was just about 5.5 hours.  So I was home napping by about 3:30.

The couch has definitely been my friend this time.  Lots of napping to deal with the fatigue and soup and saltines to deal with the nausea.

Thankfully, I was able to sleep last night and really am not feeling the manic effects of the Steroids today.
The guided meditation is working wonders for calming me down and relaxing me enough to allow me to rest.  More good news is that I have found a local Reiki practitioner and will be adding that therapy to my healing practice.

Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends.

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  1. Sorry the side effects are getting worse :(. I'm so glad that your meditation is helping with rest though. I'll be praying that you are feeling better for the weekend. Love and hugs to you!