Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post Round 4 Update

So Round 4 is officially in my rear view mirror.  Here is a video from that day...some of you have wondered what the cancer center looks like.

I slept almost the entire weekend.  Saturday was definitely my worst cancer day so far.  I told Gary no way no how was I doing any more rounds of Chemotherapy.  I guess that was the cumulative effect of all that chemo.  It really isn't surprising when you see my blood count.  Although the Neulasta is keeping my white count in the safe range, I have almost no lymphocytes left.  Which when you have Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, you really are trying to get rid of lymphocytes.  Luckily, Gary had Friday off and was available on Saturday to handle Shelby's last volleyball tournament I was sad to miss it but boy did the hours and hours of sleep feel good.  Saturday night, our friends Jim and Lisa brought dinner for the family.  I was feeling well enough to visit during dinner and watch a few innings of the World Series before heading back to bed.

Sunday was not only Halloween but another day of mega-sleeping.  Although in order to mix it up a little, I napped in three different spots.  I was awake long enough to see the kids dressed for trick or treating.

Monday found me feeling more like myself.  I told Gary I guess I'll put up with two more rounds of Chemotherapy but will just plan accordingly.  Hibernation isn't such a bad thing anyway when it is getting chilly.

Next up for me is my Restaging PET Scan which is scheduled for November 9th.  I discussed it with Dr. Black at my last appointment and best case scenerio is two more rounds of chemotherapy.  That means that even if there is no evidence of disease, I will still complete the 6 rounds of chemotherapy. 


  1. Thanks for the update. We think about you every day and are so grateful that you are strong and wise and getting through this. I'm hopeful that two more rounds of zombie mayhem is all they'll need to seek out the tiny crevices where the last one or two ninja's might be hiding. Love you!

  2. I'm so sorry that you've been feeling so poorly, but I'm glad you got so much rest as I'm sure your body needed it so the zombies could do their work. Sending prayers for good PET Scan results and endurance to make it through the next two round of Chemo (and that they are your last!)Love and hugs to you!