Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today, I had my first post chemo haircut.  My hair was needing a little shape so I headed in to see Lori for a cut.  I still haven't decided how much "growing" I will do but am happy to now have a semi-hairstyle.  It will be perfect for the warmer weather.

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  1. It looks cute! I have a friend who kept her post chemo pixie look for years, but it just made her look like she couldn't let go. People talked and it was a constant reminder that she was sick. Just my two cents. It is a really nice and easy hairdo though, and it looks great on anyone. I never got mine cut until about a year afterwards, it was so curly so I got away with that. Plus, I didn't want to cut off the glorious highlights that the chemo gave me! I looked like a lioness with that hair! Still miss it ...