Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Diminishing Side Effects

I’m happy to report that my chemo side effects are slowly diminishing. Most days the only ones that are still noticeable are the fatigue and the hot flashes. I’m now eight weeks out from my last chemo and have had to start shaving my legs again and have a decent amount of hair on my head. If it wasn’t so cold outside, I could get away with calling this short hair-do a personal choice.  It will be difficult to avoid coloring my hair.  I have a strange patch of dark hair right in the front and the rest of my head is a mix of gray and dark.  A friend who is growing out her chemo hair said her hair initially came in very gray and as it grew the color returned.  I'm going to try and see what happens before I rush back to Loreal.

I still have days where my family calls me on the chemo brain although given the chemo-induced menopause it also could just be hormone (or lack thereof) brain. I’ve read online that chemo-induced menopause can be temporary. I guess I’ll find that out eventually.

Today is my first official port flush. My cancer center schedules them every 8 weeks. Hopefully, that means the next port flush will in warmer weather.


  1. I wouldn't dye it yet, chemicals in hair colorings are not good for you, they are absorbed though the scalp to a degree and that might be a nasty shock to your system right now. Just leave it be!

  2. Danell,

    I keep checking in hopes you'll update with how you're doing! I think I've read every one of your entries a few times each. I start my first treatment (CHOP) tomorrow. I am 22 years old and was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma in January. The prognosis is good, but I do have to undergo 6 rounds of chemo. Your blog has been so informative and encouraging. Thanks. Hope you are well.